Raimond Aulen is a taxpayer and small business owner who understands just like you the taxes you pay to the city are hard earned.

He knows that it is time the city government has to quit throwing your money away to a few fat cat developers and create real jobs in Fort Myers.

Raimond will work to create real economic development in all of Fort Myers not just downtown.


Real Solutions to Real Problems

Violent crime and murder are real problems in Fort Myers. For too long our Mayor and our police department have dropped the ball on dealing with crime. The people of Fort Myers deserve to be safe on the streets and in their own homes.

In 2012 we saw a 20% increase in murder in our city.
This is unacceptable to Raimond Aulen. He will not stand idly by and pat our Chief of Police on the back while our residents die in the streets. Fort Myers has more murders per capita than any other city Florida.

Raimond will make the tough choices to keep us safe.

Real Economic Development

Unemployment, high taxes and lack of real economic development are problems in Fort Myers just like crime. While our county has worked to reduce fees and taxes Fort Myers has increased taxes, stopping real economic development that creates jobs in our city.

Instead of lowering taxes, they have chosen to give your hard earned taxpayer dollars to fat cat developers to work on downtown while ignoring the rest of the city. It is time we had common sense in our city government and common sense in the Mayor’s office.

It is time we had Raimond Aulen.